What is CodeTrace?

CodeTrace is a real-time skills assessment software that measures developer’s expertise. For resume builders, it creates a concrete portrayal of their abilities and up to date evidence of their skills, strengthening their hiring prospects. For software companies, it provides a screening platform to corroborate the skills and knowledge of prospective employees.

Our slogan is “Your Code Defines Your Skills” - meaning that the code says everything about how talented a software engineer is. Our algorithm utilizes developer’s GitHub profile to go through their public code and analyze their skills through software development metrics. The combination of the results provides a general overview of the developer’s skill set.

How is the experience (xp) calculated?

We have released CodeTrace Algorithm 2.0 on February 15th, 2018. As of now it covers the following metrics:

  • Detected Technology Stack
  • Good and Great Projects
  • Familiarity with the Project
  • Verified Years of Experience
  • Line of Code

How are the levels calculated?

Level depends on experience points. Here is table of levels:


What is Detected Technology Stack (or just technologies)?

As we notice various types of libraries, frameworks or third party APIs used in the codebase we provide additional experience for that.

Technologies could be added by user, but they will give additional experience only after administrator approval.

What are Good and Great projects?

There are 4 types of projects: RegularVerifiedGood and Great.

QualityRequirementsExperience CoefficientMax Experience
RegularThere is no requirements.0.6100
VerifiedIt has readme file,
It has at least 10 commits.
GoodIt has readme,
50+ commits,
Project is active for 3 months or more,
Has at least 2 contributors with 10% familiarity.
GreatIt has readme,
100+ commits,
Project is active for 6 months or more,
Has at least 4 contributors with 10% familiarity.
Last criteria will be skipped in case repository has 1000 stars or more.

What is Familiarity with the Project?

It describes how familiar is the developer with the codebase of the project - meaning the familiarly with all components of that project.

What is Verified Years of Experience?

It provides the verified year of experience CodeTrace Algorithm has noticed when analyzing developer’s code. Developer needs to have at least one commit during that month in order to have that month counted as part of their verified years of experience.

What is Line of Code?

Small portion of developer’s experience (XP) comes from the lines of code that they have contributed. For each language we put different weights on this metrics, since there are verbose languages such as Java and compact ones such as Python.

What is Comment Coverage?

Comment Coverage represents which part of function and classes in the repository have related comments.

What is Language Temperature?

Language temperature is a number from 0 to 100. It shows how actively language has been used last year. In case you have at least 2000 lines of code in specific language during the year (or 1000 during the last 6 months) language temperature will be 100°.

Which languages are supported?

Here is the list of supported languages: ActionScript, Assembly, Ballerina, C, C++, C#, Clojure, COBOL, CoffeeScript, Common Lisp, CSS, D, Dart, DCL, E, Elixir, Elm, EMACS Lisp, Erlang, Flow, F#, GDScript, Go, Groovy, Hack, Haskell, HAXE, HTML, Java, JavaScript, Kotlin, LESS, Lua, Objective C, Objective J, OCaml, Pascal, Perl6, Perl, PHP, Power Shell, Prolog, Python, Ruby, Rust, R, SASS, Scala, Scheme, Shell, SQL, Stylus, Swift, TypeScript, Verilog, VisualBasic, Web Assembly.

Why CodeTrace skipped some of my repositories?

CodeTrace doesn't take into account forked repositories without stars and repositories larger than 1GB for performance reasons.

What if I have public repositories but CodeTrace doesn’t show any results?

This type of situation happens when user has used multiple emails in different repositories. Emails could be added from the settings page. You should reanalyze your profile after confirming an email.