About CodeTrace

CodeTrace is a real-time skills assessment software that measures the developer’s expertise based on their code. CodeTrace uses code lexical analyses to generate various metrics based on developer's code. The project was started at the beginning of 2017, in the May of 2017 we launched the first version of the product. Our goal is to become a global social network for developers where they can showcase their skills and find a job.

Our Values

Work For Fun — We love the product we are building and enjoy our job. We create every feature in a way we are proud of the result.

Act Smart — The Pareto principle says “roughly 80% of output is a direct result of about 20% of the input.” We are always looking for the great 20 percent to do it first.

Listen — We are not afraid of criticism and appreciate our user, customer and team member opinions. We collect feedbacks and implement features based on them.


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